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Music Notes:

Here are a couple pictures of me from a different lifetime. I played that particular horn from around the third or fourth grade and throughout my college years. Almost a pity about the hat though, although it's cut short there IS a full head of hair up there!

I can still remember songs my mother used to sing to me when I was just a year or two old. I've been told that's a fairly unusual thing. Sometimes I'll hear a tune that I haven't heard since I was a child and I can remember virtually every lyric and, from time to time, I'll stumble across an album or track and instantly be transported back to a different place and time in my memories with vivid realism.

I considered myself pretty handy with a mix tape during my high school years and onward. I was always looking to either share or experience something that moved me...all types of music; a cultural exchange of sorts. Later in my life I was also the guy politely mocked for not going out with the work crew or going out of his way to avoid dates on Friday nights because that evening Blues broadcast was too damn good to miss!

Music has been a constant source of pleasure and a creative influence in my life, second only to photography. I've often found moments when the two become intertwined with a song or melody influencing some specific creative element in a photograph or just some free floating conceptual feeling when I work or try to think of new ideas.

I added a specific category here where I could share and talk about some of the music in my life. Recommendations, playlists, and ramblings to follow!

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